Bloomingdale SEO in a Nutshell

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of performing technical fixes that allow search engines (e.g. Google) & people to more understand what your business is all about.


The Internet is a mega-catalog of information. Search engines filter & organize the info (e.g. websites, blogs, etc.) in a user-friendly manner while keeping trustworthy & highly invested info as the easiest to access per search.

Search engines’ algorithms assess each platform/website on the web under a merit system via “votes.” Of course, each website does not necessarily receive a vote in the way that people do. Instead, sites link to each other.

The more relevant, invested, aesthetic a site links to your site, the more points you get under the eyes of search engines. Therefore, your site will be placed above sites with “fewer votes,” so to speak by placing it on Page 1 of Google.

Example of How a Bloomingdale Business Succeeded on Google

In Bloomingdale, there is a mix between local mom & pop shops and large businesses like Hilton’s Indian Lakes. There are tons of industries in this suburb.

So when a smaller local store like Brianna’s Flowers is looking to optimize their site for popular search terms like “Bloomingdale Florists”, they are going to want to the following.

Get Started With Your Site

They would need to create their site on an interface like WordPress. The business owner would then need to let it sit until Google indexes it (i.e. recognizes & places on any page of Google for that term).

Make Your Site Look User-Friendly to Your Target Audience

Brianna’s Flowers had to have copy on their site in a manner that conveyed to their readers that explains what sets them apart from their competition. Also, make sure to be aesthetically pleasing to your leads as Google is on a purge to eliminate spammy looking sites that are on page 1. Like everything else, a first impression matters.

Search Algorithms Only Read Text

They need to make sure that their website is clear on conveying who they are to Google & their potential audience while placing relevant keywords in the necessary areas (i.e. website title).

People Want Value Out of Your Site

Once they build out their website (covering everything they do), they are going to want to have other relevant & highly authoritative websites backlinking to their site.

This is because Google wants every site to prove that they can be on page 1 by earning hard-to-get sites to trust them. They will need their local chamber of commerce’s profile to link to the website.

Coding is A Small Factor

If possible, make sure that the websites linking to you have words like “florists” or “Bloomingdale” in their site’s title & H-tags (otherwise known as the featured text in your website & in its backend code).

Power Up Your Site Some More

Rinse & repeat the process. Diversify your links if possible. Make sure NOT to have too much of the same keyword over and over. Google detects sites that follow too much of pattern. This almost always leads to overoptimization & penalization.

Interesting Facts for Bloomingdale

Search Volume Per Month You Receive From Being on Page 1 of Google for "bloomingdale real estate"

Amount of Money You Save From NOT Doing Ads for "bloomingdale il restaurants"


Proven Capture Rate of Being on Page 1 Organically for Any Google Search Term

Take Away

To guarantee success for your online platforms, we need to optimize your on-page & off-page. Firstly, we would need to fix your site & make sure that the digital platforms linking to your website are relevant, diverse, & trustworthy.

This involves tweaking your landing pages in a way that makes it easier for search engines like Google to understand what your website/online property is all about.

General Steps We Will Take to Get Your Site on Page 1 of Google

Check With What You Have

We check to see that your main site has the relevant info in its URL (inner URL), title, & meta description.

Check for Consistency

NLM Agency will make sure your current name, address, & phone numbers are consistent in all of your current business platforms such as your Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, etc. If that is not the case, we will go through the backend & change it for you.

Verify Social Profiles Are Branded Correctly in The Right Manner

We will all check to see you have the right content about your business on your socials. Like the first step, Next Level Metro Agency will need your admin access to change those 3 things so that Google & other search engines do not get confused about where you are located.


For multiple locations, we will first focus on the original/main location of your business. Moreover, we will add geographical coordinates to your content as a means of distinguishes your locations for Google. We will gradually work our way through the rest.

What is a Citation?

It is any high-authority platform, directory, or website that allows your business to add its info, specifically your name, address, & phone number. 

This is vital because Google utilizes that info to identify your business, its location, & associated means of contacting. Search engines greatly reward online platforms that are consistent with their info by increasing the odds that your digital properties appearing on page 1.

Off-Page SEO (Earning Backlinks to Your Site)

Next Level Metro Agency will link your online property to as many relevant & highly authoritative social platforms, directories, & citations by creating accounts for you that include all of your business’s main details & website(s)’ URLs & domains.


Building Up Your Site's Reputation For Google & the User

Afterward, in order to make sure we get your business the positive publicity it deserves in your niche, we will reach out to a variety of websites & blog posters to have them include your website URL in their content for relevant articles & videos. This includes having them hyperlink to you with the keywords of your choice.

During this step, we will analyze each site & make sure the search engine position & traffic supersede your previous analytics.

Keep Tweaking Until We Succeed

We will rinse & repeat the link building until we get you to page 2 in your niche & location of interest.


Staying On Top of Updates

Lastly, since search engine algorithms change on a random basis, we at NLM Agency have heavily invested ourselves in R&D as a way of being on top of the updates search engines so that your site stays on page 1 forever.

Google does this practice as a means of weeding out poor quality sites that are trying to spread misinformation or are irrelevant towards what they claim to be about.

Next Level Metro will be more than happy to explain this process for your specific needs in greater detail. Search engine optimization is a very catered service that has specific steps per website. That being said, it also has a very consistent general path of implementation as well.

Let's Work Together!

The online platform, Google, is becoming more & more of a place for browsing. On top of that, it is a place where people are seeking answers for their day-to-day lives. If you believe that your business or website is premiere resolution, I would suggest that you invest online & getting the most bang for your buck.


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