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Conversion Augmentor Service

Just like everything in business, it all begins with initial contact. This is only the first stage of the conversion system that we know as a funnel.

Getting a client to go from “cold” to “warm” can be challenging. All successful businesses have a product/service, traffic, & conversion. Many times the last factor plateaux or kills a business. We as Six Sigma digital engineers have systematized a method of macroscopically laying out a path of funneling (of course catering to your specific needs).

In our Conversion Optimizing service, we start out with reverse engineering your current system. We root out a cause for failure via an FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). From there, we present to you the issue & eliminate the factors that cause it (i.e. the factors that are preventing your business from growing) from a technical standpoint.


For Example: Currently, we are creating presentations and allowing instructors to grow their courses by creating online webinars and funneling in audiences for you by attracting influencers in your niche and having their followers watch your webinars. These audience sizes are in the 100s. We convert 10% and you get 10s of $1000s from that conversion. That is the worst case scenario. We have succeeded in developing the necessary sales sequence that gets a client from going from cold to warm leads.


“You Either Build or You Beg”
(Mike Long: Godfather of Affiliate Marketing & Sales Funneling)

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