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SEO in A Nutshell

The 21st Century way of marketing is all about who can bring in the most people to their digital platforms. This is where search engines come into play. 


Make Your Content a Priority.

We Certainly Will.

In Layman Terms

Search engines’ algorithms assess each platform/ website on the web under a merit system via “votes.” Of course, each website does not necessarily receive a vote in the way that people do. Instead, sites link to each other.


How Does It Work Again?

Sites linking to you must be high-quality, relevant to your industry, & should include the related search terms you want to appear for on specific areas of their site. They should also include a clear description of what you are about when they hyperlink to you. In a search engine bots’ programming, if you follow more of these steps, you earn more points under the eyes of search engines like Google. Therefore, your site will be placed above sites with “fewer votes,” so to speak by placing it on page 1. 


So For My Specific Case?

Well, we would have dive deep into your website & analyze it since every digital platform has some varying degree. However, all websites in the SEO process, do follow some sort of general steps towards moving up in the Google rankings.


      SEO                                               Vs.                                  Paid Ads


Highest Percentage of Conversion via SEO

Number of Other Businesses You Need to Share Your Site's Search Result's Position


Highest Percentage of Conversion via PPC

Number of Other Businesses You Need to Share Your Ad's Search Engine Result Position

Interfaces like Google sort out the world wide web like a library for humanity. In order to do that, they must have hardcoded the search engine algorithms in a manner that local searches about York Community High School do not mix in with restaurants reviews about Elmhurst Brewing Co.

At the same time, Google needs to make sure that sites that get more positive feedback by users are much easier to find than websites with poor quality or misinformation.

Here is What We Provide Within Our Search Engine Optimization Campaigns


Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a fundamental ingredient for every business to thrive. We will make sure to spread your logo, brand, & company name as efficiently as possible.

SEO Strategy

Being our most popular service, we implement the necessary tweaks by augmenting your website’s authority and relevance that proves to search engines like Google that your the go-to site for your lead’s respective search terms.


Web Design & Development

If you are looking to recreate your website without having to go through the insane amounts of coding, you are in good hands. We specialize in making aesthetically amazing sites that load up with ease.

Content Strategy

Whether you have an E-Course or are looking to refine your conversion system, we at NLM are here to get you or a sales webinar with high-performing tools like GoToWebinar and ClickFunnels.


Social Media Building

Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, we are here to increase your following thanks to the 1000s of hours and dollars we invest in making sure you are on the cutting edge.

Creative Copywriting

Expressing oneself is the determiner that gets your clients to go from being your leads to your loyal clients. With careful human proofreaders and writing software, we make sure you get over the line.


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