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Social media is vital for every business. Since Platforms like Facebook & YouTube rank high on Google which is great as most people are on their smartphones checking social media.

Furthermore, rather than use billboards or YellowPages, Advertise Where Everybody’s Attention is at.

There are many platforms a business go after. However, each has its specialties. YouTube is a platform that involves mostly videos. It is perfect for advertising and giving testimonies. Overall it is best for long-form marketing because people expect to have videos that are 5 minutes and more anecdotal. The opposite is twitter. It is best for bringing out your message to the public in a frequent way.

For the Services Below, These are Very Client-Catered Services. 

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Twitter Engagement Augmenting

Tired of getting little to no likes, comments, & responses on your Twitter. Instead, let us mentor you in tweaking those platforms for you.

Social Media Management

If you are too busy with your business & do not want to be micromanaging your digital platforms, let us take that load off your hands. We will make sure to engage with your followers & current clientele.

Paid Traffic Advertising

Sometimes organic traffic takes too long to develop & one wants to test out results for their, paid traffic ads or PPC via Google would be the service for you.

Analytics Research for Your Platforms

Sometimes it is not enough to look at the front end of your digital platforms in regards to converting more customers. Instead, we are Google Analytics certified engineers, & we will get into the backend via Google Analytics & pinpoint the issue that causes your traffic to bounce off from what Google detects.

Image Performance Service

As the saying goes, "images are worth a 1000 words." That also applies to search algorithms on the worldwide web. Therefore, we will make sure that your images not only convey aesthetically what your business/product but that it also is clear what your business conveys to the audience & Google bots that read/organize sites per topic.

Video Optimization

Whether it is YouTube, Vimeo, Camtasia, we make sure that your business is on top of this media presence as well by making it more user-friendly. As the saying goes, video is the future. The percentage of consumers going through this media will only increase.

Instagram Growth Development

Instagram is the visual platform that businesses throughout the world utilize to commence their sales funnels. We have all of the up-to-date research on how businesses' visuals, models, and photo settings can make a business go from nothing to bringing in tons of customers to see your businesses' features.

Facebook Retargeting

Rather than throwing darts blindly on Facebook or other social media platform marketing, let us research & understand the geography & demographics that your business attracts the most.


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