Leveraging Social Media

Certification by World’s Most Influential Digital Marketer: Tai Lopez

Social media is vital for every business. Since Platforms like Facebook & YouTube rank high on Google which is great as most people are on their smartphones checking social media.

Furthermore, rather than use billboards or YellowPages, Advertise Where Everybody’s Attention is at.

Here is a video by ConnecTheDot where they explain in detail why social media is vital

Ok, so we know why, so what encompasses social media? 

There are many platforms a business go after. However, each has its specialties. YouTube is a platform that involves mostly videos. It is perfect for advertising and giving testimonies. Overall it is best for long-form marketing because people expect to have videos that are 5 minutes and more anecdotal. The opposite is twitter. It is best for bringing out your message to the public in a frequent way.


People don’t want to watch videos on these. Twitter posting is used in political campaigns. Facebook is a hybrid marketing platform because it offers everything. It is more “all around” and is perfect for getting started since you can record videos (not necessarily long) or do posts like Twitter (not as frequently though). Instagram is another cool one that is good for showcasing. It is more for quality than quantity posts. It comes with Instagram Stories which is basically like a Snap Chat but for older people.

Probably the most essential of them all is email. It is vital because it helps out with customer loyalty. Is one of the easiest for clients to understand. Another one is Snap Chat. It is vital for a business if they have a younger clientele since older people use Instagram Stories. It is quick but is good for targeting niches that are specific towards your business.

Linking Paid Traffic from Social Sites

All of the ones discussed are free traffic; however, there are cases where a business has to invest something to get traffic to them. Google ads is a google run software that is the engine of marketing since the business does banner ads to advertise. Last but not least is Facebook ads. Similar to google ads but it targets a specific demographic to advertise for your business. It is the hyper-targeting of business. Thus Social Media Management can get you on the right path with these platforms.

Simple Overview of Each Major Social Media Platform

YouTube: long-form marketing, can upload long videos PEOPLE ARE EXPECTING IT

Tell a story testimonial of client 5 min etc

Instagram: post for customers on their timeline

Showcase of highlights

Relatively well-selected post

Few posts a week

Instagram story = Snap Chat for older people

Facebook fan page or business page

hybrid (a little bit like Twitter YouTube etc)

Best place to start

Twitter: short videos 1 min

Better for status update


Having a pick promotion should use twitter

Post a lot

Use this media platform to test

Facebook: can upload long video but PEOPLE ARE NOT EXPECTING IT


Life-blood of Marketing/business

Gives so many tools

Best to have customer loyalty

Could fade out

Google Ads (paid traffic)

Banner ads run through google network

Engine of a business

Customers paid per advertising

Get people to visit business

Facebook Ads (paid traffic)

Hyper-targeted engine of business

Run ads

Target local customers

Specifies and targets specific demographics

Snap Chat

Niche-specific business

Some businesses don’t require it

More for younger audience

Overall, What NLM Agency for Business Owners? Where Social Media Management comes into Play…

Since our agency is going through a certification by Tai Lopez’s Social Media Program, we are emulating social media management from the best. On top of that, experts like Joe Sotto from Revenue Inbound, Nathan Chan from foundr, and Dan Fleyshman,  to name a few, are some of the instructors that are helping us get certified by Tai.

Side Note: (in fact, he is in the TOP 3 Worldwide for social media and, of course for his book club).

What Our Digital Agency will Do

Let’s be honest, almost every single business has a poor-mediocre command of their social media platforms. Furthermore, what NL Metro Agency can provide is an overview/ free audit of their profiles in each account. We then will guide you step-by-step so that the business can efficiently get as many clients through online presence and, in particular, through social media, as platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, are the top places where traffic is directed to nowadays.

For example, Next Level Metro Agency will…

  • reestablish your Facebook Fan page in a way where you get more interaction from customers
  • set up advertisements on Facebook Ads Manager to where it’ll reach 100’s or 1000’s of potential customers with just a low $5 /a day budget
  • Analyze your customer’s demographics so that you can use the right platforms for that specific audience
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