How to Get Your Site Above Everyone Else with St Charles SEO

SEO in a Nutshell

Many businesses & site owners get boggled by the magic & intimidating process called search engine optimization. Here, we are going to break down to you in very layman terms that you “explain this process to a supercentenarian or a 5 year old.”

Internet is Just A Catalog of Data Online

As you may know, people do advertising online. You hear more & more people going to search engines, chiefly Google, to resolve their daily questions.

Whenever you type something up on that platform & search it, you notice that a list of websites pop up. Their positions are not placed there by accident. Instead, they are ranked by relevance & authority.

So, the more relevant & high-quality the website is for a particular search, the more favorability Google has towards the site. Furthermore, the preferred sites will show up above the rest on page 1.

That is pretty intuitive, right? However, how do you actually implement the necessary steps to achieve getting your site on page 1 and hopefully number 1 position for a search term you like? Well, like me, you probably would learn best through an example.

How Does a Fox River Valley Business Succeed on Google

It’s all find and dandy to be known as the place to be at on a summer Saturday evening. However, let’s be real here. You have a business that needs to have profit margins. I know a few restaurant owners where all they do is tread water.

To be successful, you need to make bank everyday. Billboards and Facebook Ads won’t do it as they are saturated and don’t get the return on investment the business needs to scale. So we I’ll break down a method that will separate you from the rest via search engine marketing.

There are a mix of organizers in the area looking to attract crowds to their sponsored events.

So when you are looking for a local event organizer like The Hope for 5K prepares their walk/run every year, the organizer of the event would be looking to optimize their site for popular search terms like “st charles il upcoming events.” 

Create the Site

The organization would need to create their site on an interface like WordPress. Make sure that you add content, even if it is bad, at the beginning as Google bots use it as a way to check to see your site is, at least, alive. Once your site, by performing the following technique below, you should be good to go in terms of beautifying it. 

Type “website com” into search bar & check to see that your site shows up in the results. Do not include “.” If it does, you are ready. If not, just wait a little more.

Managing the On Page

Besides including the necessary content they need to sway the readers towards joining their cause, they also should be careful when writing their content.

It has been a common bad practice for businesses to stuff their writing with words & phrases that they want to appear on the search engines for. DO NOT, DO NOT do that. Not only is it reckless, but it also makes your site look spammy. You will not rank at all with more keywords. Instead, you could get penalized & will leave Google & your human audience confused.

Search Engines DO NOT Interpret Things Like Humans

Search engines need to be clear about you. However, they only read the text. Pretty images & videos will not be appreciated by the search engine robots crawling/analyzing your site. They will only interpret your images via the alt-tags & titles you attach to your media.

Be Geographically Consious

If possible, make sure that the websites linking to you have words like “events” in your site’s title & H-tags. 

By the way, take the opportunity of including zip code (60174) & local neighborhoods (Wildrose Valley). Google has been focusing on acknowledging those details lately. You can see evidence of that from looking at Google Maps.

Associate Your Site With Right Platforms

Once the site is built out & appearing on a search result of your liking, you need to implement the other half of SEO. You need to get other websites in your niche to link to you. Every backlink you receive is a vote indicating that you are trustworthy for Google & its browsers.

The search algorithms are made this way in order to prioritize information that is correct & high-quality over nonsense sites. Also, the sites that are on top of the results page tend to be taken care of more.

For example, a local chamber of commerce site has insightful content that has the potential to inform their readers what it takes to be a successful business owner versus a random blog that had its article spun up with absolute rubbish.

Rinse & Repeat Until You Are Too Busy to Market

Once you are done with making your site crystal clear to your human audience & Google, & you reached out & had relevant sites backlinking, you should be good to go to repeat the process.

Caveat: Make sure not to develop patterns of habit as Google could easily detect if you are, for example, receiving backlinks from just 1 site.

What to Know About Organic Digital Marketing in Saint Charles

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Amount of Money You Save From NOT Doing Ads for "st charles il chiropractor"


Proven Capture Rate of Being on Page 1 Organically for Any Google Search Term

To Sum Things Up

SEO success can never be a guarantee. Instead, it can greatly be probable if one follows the necessary steps towards building relevance & authority for one’s own site. 

This is accomplished by making the site user-friendly & having other websites in your niche referring/linking to you. 

Not only does this strategy bring you more leads, but it also makes it easier for Google to catalog your site. In the end, everyone wins.

To Recap: Quick Guide for Successful Organic Marketing on Google

Relevancy in The Right Places

Remember how I said not to include keywords in your content. Well, the place to have a keyword or 2 is in your title & meta description. That is what Google uses the most to find out what you are about.

Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers are Huge

As a brick & mortar, please pay special attention to this. Name, address, & phone number must be the same throughout all of your directories. Google rewards sites with consistent info. The only exceptions would be multi-locational or location-neutral businesses.

Please consider including a business profile in places like YellowPages & the Better Business Bureau. These small actions are a vital part of building your site’s authority.

What is a Citation?

A citation is any website that allows you to add your name, address, & phone number. These are the pillars of relevance for Google local marketing.

Let’s Make You Popular For Your Niche & Location

 Here at Next Level Metro Agency, we specialize in reaching out & making sure that your website is appearing for your search terms of choice. In order to do that, we will reach out & have your site “network “with other relevant sites in your area by receiving backlinks from them. As stated, these are votes that you need to be on page 1. If this sounds confusing, we will gladly explain this process on the phone.

Stay on Page 1 Forever

To keep your business on top, we will update you on any search algorithm changes that come. This typically happens every half year. If interested, we can expand your site to be on page 1 for many more search terms. Just let us know & we will be more than happy to implement. 

Let's Take This Burdens Off Your Shoulders!

As I mentioned before, this process, when practiced, is very intuitive. However, it is time-consuming. This is where the licensed professional at Next Level Metro Agency comes into play. We will take care of all of this for you so that you can focus on your tasks.


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