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Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With You

Since 2016, NLM Agency has performed well in getting websites & online platforms appear & stay on page 1 of Google. In 2019, we plan to become certified marketing consultants & ad agencies.

Meet the SEO Expert

Bryce Coffey

Bryce Coffey

Founder & Certified Digital Marketer & Engineer

Our agency’s CEO, Bryce Coffey, began & has collaborated with other like-minded experts to produce digital platforms that are not only favored by making the consumer experience on search engines as frictionless as possible. At the same time, he makes sure to stay on the cutting-edge so that his clients can continue to scale their businesses.

Six Sigma Principles We Practice

These are the 6 pillars of values we stick to in order to be constantly productive.


Identify the tangible goal first (i.e. an ROI increase) before taking any steps forward.


Compare & contrast between the revenue that your digital platforms earn you now versus where we want you to be within a certain period (end goal).


Knowing what can go wrong beforehand is vital place to start. Whether it would be overoptimization, website crash from a virus, or someone who is sabotaging your business by purposefully placing negative reviews, we at NLM identify these issues & add barriers from the get-go.


Since like us, you too incur costs by taking on a digital optimization campaign. So, we provide you the calculations that don’t break the bank but are sufficient enough to get your business to the next level online by utilizing metrics like cost-per-click by Google.


Implementing a plan of ranking a site involves putting into action the research we spent in order to be on the cutting edge.


This is the standard operating procedure that allows us to monitor our plans and conversions from the optimization process we implemented.

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