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What is Next Level Metro?

Remember all those moments where you would continuously be browsing on your phone for whatever it was you were looking for online. You would have to scroll and click through endless amounts of text & links to finally get to your virtual destination. You’d then get sidetracked by ads, news, social media, & other content that caught your eye on the web. Yes, we all have been there too. Well, those idling days are over.

As the founder of Next Level Metro, my virtual assistants & I prioritize in making the Internet a network where the world can, with a laser-sharp focus, find solutions to questions and frictionlessly do commerce. As the CEO of this business, my calling is to positively contribute my research & online advertising skills to provide, catalog, and connect quality content throughout the web.

Because of its influence, search engines like Google serve as a basis for our responsibilities. Even though NLM DOES NOT guarantee more profits for you, we GUARANTEE that we’ll never stop working our butts off until we overdeliver in attract more traffic & clicks that get you ecstatic about the ROI you earned when teaming up with us.

How Did My Digital Marketing Journey Begin & Why SEO?

Working smarter always supersedes working harder. With the advent and demand for online marketing for local businesses & affiliate products and services, classmates & dormmates of mine at my university introduced me to influencers like Adrian Morrison, Dan Fleyshman, and Tai Lopez.

During that time, my parents were struggling financially. I did not want to go through the 9-5 schedules that they and many others decide to put up with to get the bills paid.

Motivated to grow a second side income to help them, I purchased a slew of online education to master.

As I gained more understanding, I came to learn how and why internet marketing was lucrative when it came to multiplying income for firms large and small.

Managing Social Media

Firstly, everyone is connected to their phones & on the go. Social media marketing is heavily in-demand. From another aspect, everyone is buying products on platforms like Shopify or Amazon every day.

Just ask Toys” R” Us & and Sears. I thought it would make a much more positive impact if I were to steer away owners from 20th-century marketing to Instagram advertising, ClickFunnels building, and Facebook ads.

Importance of Social Media Marketing Waning

After taking a certification course under top social media influencer, Tai Lopez, I started doing social media marketing services for my community while I was in college. I had so much fun doing it.

I even was invited to Beverly Hills for a roundtable event sponsored by he and Dr. Alex Mehr (cofounder of Zoosk).

Having a comfortable office to implement SEO requires amenities such as tread mill desks and water

Pivoting From Social Media Marketing to Google SEO

One day in 2016, everything changed for me. I heard a Tai Lopez sponsored webinar promoting an affiliate called OMG (One Man Gang) Machines. From there, I came to learn that the “true elephant in the room” service is search engine optimization, chiefly Google. From that webinar alone, I joined the OMG program (now called Traffic Tsunami and Project Fusion).

Ever since then, they have been teaching me everything I need to know about how search engines function from Over the Shoulder prerecorded & live webinars. The coaches debunked mainstream lead generating hacks with data to back it up. It came full circle to me as to why search engine ranking and marketing worked universally and is the service that gives the most bang per buck in ALL of marketing.

I was astonished by the number of successful One Man Gang entrepreneurs like myself were having in fulfilling their clients. Optimizing sites & generating leads have worked consistently well for businesses and organizations of all types. Website owners privileged enough to work with OMG Machines taught entrepreneurs trained to them extra hundreds to thousands of dollars.

OMG Machines: A Search Engine Optimization Community of Perfection

Inspired by all the success of my fellow marketing colleagues were having in the community, I decided to create my agency. I realized how lifechanging it was to focus on optimizing digital platforms. In OMG, I did not care that I poured tons of my life savings.

For me, it is a city on a hill where search marketers get together in providence in understanding cutting-edge search engine algorithm research from the best: Greg Morrison, Joe Marfoglio, Joshua Fletcher, Mike Long, Stephen Floyd, Jayme Washington, & many other spectacular people who are making tens of thousands in their sleep.

Not only have they all have been attentive mentors who have carried me through the rough times, but these successful marketers have also been in the trenches when it comes to extracting cutting-edge information about organic & paid digital advertising, especially since algorithms change on a bi-yearly basis. They are in it to win by helping students, like myself, succeed in delivering results for you. I am truly blessed.

Our Future As Content Writers & Link Builders

As the years go by, I, as the owner, am revamping Next Level Metro as an internet marketing agency that is CENTERED around search engine optimization as it is the crux of growing businesses and cataloging info on the Internet.

Meanwhile, as a digital marketing procedure expected to skyrocket past $80 Billion, I prioritize in making sure that enterprises locally and abroad be part of this opportunity. Furthermore, NLM Agency provides customized solutions that range from affordable SEO services to premium search engine marketing.

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