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Shoppers strolling inside the Woodfield Mall, tailgaters arrive on the Metra to the Boomers game, eager kids warming up for their soccer games at Olympic Park, or business owners gathering at the Schaumburg Convention Center.

These are only a few of the many activities that happen in this bustling Chicago suburb. Thanks to the town’s proximity to O’Hare International Airport, it is home to the headquarters of major companies like Zurich North America, Motorola, & Paylocity, to name a few.

Doing business is a no-brainer as Schaumburg is a Mecca of commerce in the Chicago suburbs. Therefore, you should be visible in the search engines so that people, whether they are driving by on the Jane Addams Tollway or enjoying the carnival rides at Septemberfest, you have a rock-solid company to present to at the fingertips of your potential consumers.

However, keep in mind that advertising online is fiercely competitive. For example, if you have heard of GoogleAds, you would have to fight “tooth & nail” to even have a 12% chance of receiving the traffic for the search terms you want your visitors to locate you.

Plus, you have to fork over upfront a considerable chunk of your marketing budget to platforms like Google.

Another option would be social media marketing. Unfortunately, this form of advertisement is supersaturated. The bang per buck from doing tactics like Facebook Ads is so dismal that businesses left and right are firing their social media managers.

Schaumburg IL, What is Search Engine Optimization?

What if you could earn your traffic through the most utilized platform, as mentioned in the first option, except gaining your internet traffic without spending a dime from the get-go. Otherwise known as earning more visitors organically, you would be doing what is known as search engine optimization.

These procedures involve posting up your website so that it appears on top of the search engines. Most likely, you are thinking the follow, “how do I get Google to favor my website over my competitors’ sites without having to pay them?”

This pertinent question involves a slew of steps that delve down to onpage website and offpage optimization. Unfortunately, they vary in countless ways. It can get overwhelming for many that people mostly outsource it to an expert as it is also time and energy-consuming.

Of course, you could do it all yourself. Consider, though, why people outsource organic search marketing. It forces business owners to get sidetracked in those matters than actually running their own business.

How Come Next Level Metro is the SEO Expert to Work With in the 60173 Area?

As the founder and owner of the Chicago-based agency, Next Level Metro Agency, Schaumburg has played a unique role in my life. Originally from Bartlett, I used to spend much of my time in Woodfield.

As an athlete, I remember skateboarding at Olympic Park, training at Busse Woods for my track meets at Conant & Schaumburg High, & having karate tournaments at the Schaumburg Sports Center. I know Schaumburg like it’s the back of my hand.

Unlike digital marketing agencies who claim to have “your best interest at heart,” we at Next Level Metro Agency let our work do all the talking. I have been trained in-person by SEO industry leaders Mike Long, Greg Morrison, & Joe Marfoglio.

I was able to see how a website by the name Precision Mold Removal was ready to go from a new WordPress website to the number one visited website in the US for mold remediation. That is only one of the countless success stories my mentors have had.

 Advertising agency internet marketing hard to come by in Woodfield

I make sure to handhold you through the process of our service. Even though I do NOT guarantee results, what I can tell you is that my virtual assistants & I WILL NOT rest until we achieve being on page one for the term you want.

Unfortunately, there are factors outside our control as the search engines have the last word when it comes to organic website optimization. Other agencies won’t say that, but it applies to everyone. It all boils down to making you highly relevant & authoritative in your niche for Schaumburg & beyond.

Let me Add a Caveat that Schaumburg Businesses Large & Small Should be Aware of

A website that receives search volume but doesn’t look good is as if you never optimized it in the first place. Consumers want to land on a site that has an easy-to-navigate interface that speaks to your prospects.

Your potential clients (since they are programmed to serve consumers better) are going to gain trust in purchasing on your webpage if you are presentable with traits like the following:

• Secured website through a TLS certificate (transport layer security protocol) that prevents hackers from breaching you & your customer’s data.
• Mobile compatibility
• Robust social media presence connecting to & from your webpages
• Engaging content that is easy to follow & has proper grammar

Let’s Reverse-Engineer the Characteristics that Search Engines Love

On Page SEO

Whenever creating a site for a business or hobby, make sure not to have the search term or keyword often appear in the content & copy. A high keyword density leads to overoptimization. Consequently, Google penalizes sites that are trying to rig the search engines with misinformation or poorly made content by deindexing them.

Therefore, your website will, most likely, never appear on Google for the rest of its existence. A good rule of thumb would be to read what you write. Make sure that your copy flows & is understandable to the reader. Do not force words into sentences by stuffing keywords.

Learning how to do schaumburg seo

Blog Posting

Receiving links from other trustworthy websites is a ton of work. Nowadays, creating sites for the sake of boosting your leading site’s rankings is much more noticeable to Google. PBNs, as called in the SEO world, should be rarely used.

Therefore, it is up to your SEO/digital marketing agency to make sure that they do their due diligence in reaching out to blog post & guest post site owners. They should be willing to contribute their fair share of knowledge for that owner to receive a link from them.

By the way, make sure that the blog or guest post site is relevant to the niche your or your agency is looking to tackle.

Additionally, one should ask if the link they receive is a do-follow link. Many times, blog owners are aware of the power of backlinking. Therefore, they do not always return the favor in a manner one would expect.

Web page optimization best practices for schaumburg

Private Blog Networks

Maybe contradicting what was stated in the previous paragraph but consider the following. Creating websites to boost your leading site’s rankings on Google (get it from page 3 to number 1 on page 1 for a search term) is against Google’s Terms of Conditions.

However, many decent & hardworking business owners (brick & mortar & online) do not have means of spreading their word out about their products/services as efficiently as organic advertising on Google.

Think about it, when was the last time you heard someone look into an actual YellowPages or a billboard. Heck, many people do not get the results they expect by entirely relying on Google Ads or Facebook Ad Manager.

Therefore, it is essential that you are careful in developing websites for the sake of boosting rankings. PBNs should NOT be made often, if at all. Many times, rankings get boosted without them. Nevertheless, if you find them necessary for your campaign, you need to make it for the sake of providing value to those browsing the Internet.

Keyword Placement

Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past. Google has been updated to the point of ignoring the number of times you mention the same words in your copy and content (FYI Google reads the alt-tag & title of an image).

Instead, it has focused on understanding what you are about via your title & URL. Additionally, the search algorithms significantly consider the domains, URLs, & titles of the backlinks your site is receiving. Google loves it when a business owner invests heavily in a website. Rankings get boosted by making “hard to manipulate” features more relevant.

By missing one or more of the site components sought by people & algorithms, you introduce red flags to your reader & the search engines analyzing your site. You can only have your digital presence harmed.


Staying On Top of Updates By Investing Into Organic Webpage Optimization

Next Level Metro will be more than happy to explain this process for your specific needs in greater detail.

Search engine optimization is a very catered service that has appropriate steps that may not be suitable for other SEO campaigns. That being said, it also has a very consistent general path of implementation as well.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

Wendy Piersall, Author, Blogger & Artist

“Stop selling. Start helping.”

Zig Ziglar, Author & Motivational Speaker, Also the Motto We Religiously Follow at Next Level Metro Agency

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Andrew Davis, author and keynote speaker


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