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Kayaking the Grand River, planning on going to the beach at Warren Dunes, or visiting Gerald Ford’s Presidential Museum? It is no shocker that you can never run out of excursions in Western Michigan, let alone Grand Rapids.

As the second-largest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids has been the furniture manufacturer for hundreds of years, hence its name. The city is home to a thriving & well-known medical district that has a fair share of research institutes.

Therefore, much of the Grand Rapids economy encompasses that field. On top of that, a few successfully branded companies such as Amway, Meijer, & Spectrum Health have headquartered in Greater Grand Rapids. No doubt doing business in Western Michigan has significant returns on investment.

However, commerce cannot be discussed nowadays without mentioning digital marketing, particularly search engine optimization.

Grand Rapidians, You May Be Wondering What is SEO & How Does Search Marketing Work?

Every day, hundreds of millions of people use their phones to Google search a service or product. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing campaign that involves doing all of the right things in the right places in order to appear higher up on Google without having to pay for the inbound traffic and site’s placement in the searches you wish to be visible.

Best practices for a website involve well-written content, easy-to-navigate interfaces, keyword research, & highly-relevant links pointing to it.

For example, you go about your day looking for a mechanic in Grand Rapids to fix a muffler for your car. The first thing you would do is type “Grand Rapids muffler repair” or any similar keywords.

Then, a myriad of listings would pop up in your feed. Some would appear as paid ads (indicated as “Ad” next to the website). Others would show up with a map included while the rest would display without any indicator (i.e., organically optimized).

Let’s focus on the sites appearing without the “ad” label. How is it that some appear above others? It can’t be random? Search engines like Google must have their method of madness.

Well, you are right to make that assumption, because the organic listings on top of the rankings have had the most intriguing content for their visitors (such as in-depth articles that explain how mufflers work), have trustful & relevant websites linking back, & have keywords added in certain areas of a website.

You May Be Wondering, Why Do I Need It When There are Other Forms of Marketing like Paid Ads?

Regardless of what your business encompasses, digital marketing is a must for you to grow your clientele. search engine optimization has been proven over & over to be the most effective marketing method. Here are some statistics that back up its significance.

Organic search (i.e., searches made for free on Google) made up more than 90% of web traffic worldwide (Hubspot, 2018). From analytic studies made by the search marketing software company, AHREFs, sites on page one received over 90% of online traffic.

From just those two daunting facts, you are “leaving money on the table,” especially since there is no other way to get to page one for most terms without paying an arm and a leg to Google Ads. However, there are more stats we will share that may blow your mind. Around seven in eight internet users purchase as a result of browsing online.

We thought it’d be necessary to help Google R&D pros inform the general public. From the company BrightLocal, here are the results they extracted when testing conversion rates for each section of a search engine result page (known as SERP).

Why Include Mobile Adaptability in Your Digital Interface?

If you think only Millennials are addicted to their phones, think again. According to Search Engine Land, around half of all Google users search from their mobile devices.

SEO vs Paid Ads

Even though there are a multitude of reasons you should pick the former, the top reasons a business or site owner should consider the former rather than just the latter is because more than 50% of all online traffic comes from free or organic searches as opposed to 10% from paid browsing; in fact, around three-quarters of all users IGNORE paid ads such as the “Google Guaranteed” listings that began appearing recently.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Those of You Thinking, “Why Should I Care About Organic Search Engine Marketing if I am Small Business?”

There are plenty of site owners who only rely on referrals for marketing. That is totally understandable. However, you may be surprised by how much more crucial organic SEM is to a local business than a Fortune 500.

As a matter of fact, having an online presence has been the main reason for success recently for small companies such as DigitalHyve, who began from virtually nothing to Inc 5000’s fastest-growing firms in the U.S. SEO completely revolutionized & scaled their agency.

What Happens Once AI & Voice Technology Supersedes Our Current Method of Searching Online?

Even though voice search such as Alexa or Siri is rising in popularity, many principles involved in optimizing/ranking translate to positioning a website above the rest of the competition in a voice command.

Software like Google Assistant & Cortana extracts the information to deliver the same order of search results. Basically, SEO will never be rendered useless. Here are some related facts you may find intriguing about voice search:

  • Roughly 9 in every 16 US households will have a smart speaker


  • According to Search Engine Land, 90% of all smartphone users utilize voice assistant

So Why Should You Go With Next Level Metro Agency Rather Than a Big Brand Marketing Company?

616 Local Businesses Benefit from SEM Consulting

Although Next Level Metro is not a big name brand, we pride ourselves in being taught by the industry’s best: Mike Long, Greg Morrison, Joshua Beechcraft, & Stephen Floyd. If those names sound familiar to you, it is because they are the masterminds behind optimizing a whole array of sites to page one and number one for valuable keywords.

Not only have the professionals at Next Level Metro been personally trained by these digital marketing mentors, they have studied, over-the-shoulder, every single step that was made to get websites (in parenthesis) to appear number one for search terms such as “Los Angeles Mold Removal” (Precision Mold Removal).

That is only scratching the surface of the time, money, & investments we made to master the art of organic search marketing. I would suggest that you, the business owner or site owner, allow us to help you out. We CANNOT guarantee results; however, what we can say is we WILL NOT GIVE UP until we optimize your website for your keyword of choice in the Grand Rapids metro.

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