Search Engine Optimization in a Nutshell

What is SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the process of performing technical fixes that allow search engines (i.e. Google) & people to more easily understand what your business is all about.

Analogy: Think about how the internet is set up. It is a mega-catalog of information. Search engines like Google just are filters that organize the information in a user-friendly manner while keeping trustworthy & highly invested info as the easiest to access per search. Search engines algorithms assess each platform /website on the web under a merit system via “votes.” Of course, each website does not necessarily receive a vote in the way that people do. Instead, sites link to each other.

The more relevant, invested, aesthetic a site links to your site, the more points you get under the eyes of search engines. Hence, your site will be placed above sites with “fewer votes,” so to speak by placing it on Page 1.

Summary of SEO Process:

To guarantee success for your digital platforms, we need to perform On-Site SEO & Off-Page SEO by, respectively, optimizing your site & making sure that the digital platforms linking to your site are relevant, diverse, & trustworthy. t is the tweaking of business platforms in a way that makes it easier for search engines like Google to understand what your website/platforms are all about.

Steps we will take to get your site to Page 1 and on top of Maps

1). Firstly, we will check to see that your main site has the relevant info in its URL (inner URL), title and meta description.

2). We will make sure your current name, address, and phone numbers are congruent in all of your current business platforms such as your Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, etc. If that isn’t the case, we will go through the backend and change it for you.

3). We will all check to see if you have the same name, address, and phone numbers on your FaceBook. Like the first step, we will need your admin access to change those 3 things so that Google and other search engines do not get confused about where you are located.

Note: For Multiple locations, we will first focus on the original/ main location of your business. We will gradually work our way through the rest.


What is a citation: It is a high authority platform or website that allows your business to add its information.

4). Then we will link your website to as many relevant & highly authoritative social platforms, directories, & citations by creating accounts for you that include all of your business’s main details & website(s)’ URLs.

5). Afterward, in order to make sure we get your business the positive publicity it deserves in your niche, we will reach out to a variety of websites & blog posters to have them include your website URL in their content for relevant articles & videos. During this step, we will analyze each site & make sure the ranking numbers and traffic supersede your previous analytics.

6). We will rinse & repeat the linking (off-page SEO) until we get you to Page 1 in your niche & location of interest.

7). Since search engine algorithms change on a random basis, we at Next Level Metro have heavily invested ourselves in R&D as a way of being on top of the updates search engines that your site stays on top forever. They do this as a means of weeding out poor quality sites that trying to spread misinformation or are irrelevant towards what they claim to be about.

Next Level Metro Agency will be more than happy to explain this process for your specific needs in greater detail. Just reach out to us at…

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