SEO for Water Damage & Restoration Services

Hands Down, Organic Search Engine Ranking Generates Leads The Best

Whether you are a carpet cleaning service provider, fire damage professional, or a mold removal expert, appearing on page one of the search engines for the popular search term you want has the potential to bring your business to success while resolving emergency messes at a quicker rate.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work for Water Mitigation & Mold Removal Firms?

Otherwise known for being the most effective form of marketing, SEO is the most efficient way for contractors of strengthening their lead funnel online.

Projects come & go throughout the seasons; however, a digital footprint sticks around, especially if it was not done through paid ads. 

SEO is known as search engine optimization. Many have heard of it. On the other hand, most do not know what it boils down to as it is often described to business owners in ambiguous manner. 

As SEO professionals at Next Level Metro Agency, we know that search engine optimization boils down to topical and location relevance through your website and to the sites who link to you (i.e. your digital network).

It is not enough to understand digital marketing as knowing the restoration niche is just as important. Therefore, keyword research is a vital step for SEO experts to nail down because it grants them the ability to research the perfect search terms that get searched the most on Google. Many times, their research reflects how much of a layman they are.

For example, as a restoration business owner, you know that terms like “mold remediation” are not used in the industry. Many marketers do not work in the niche & include that in their keyword research. If these SEO gurus worked in the restoration industry, they’d know that customers use the term “mold removal” instead.

At Next Level Metro, we have done the work to understand the ins & outs of restoration companies. The website, Precision Mold Removal, was a guinea pig site that we analyzed from its creation to the days that it is reaping five figures in revenue a month for appearing on top of search terms like “Miami Mold Removal.”

Ok, I am Ready to Have My Website Optimized. Does Next Level Metro do Cheap SEO Services?

Most likely, you are thinking of the following: “How much are you going to charge me?” As much as we would love to give you an exact price, SEO is not a product that you pick off the shelf & return it if you are not satisfied with it.

Instead, this digital marketing service is an investment that returns far exceeds what you initially paid. There is a saying in the financial world, “if you invest & you gain an ROI of 10x what you paid, then that investment did NOT cost you anything.”

Within SEO, the cost can vary. Although we have a pricing table available for you to browse, keep in mind that it is for site owners who want to see what is involved in our digital marketing campaigns. These prices are NOT etched in stone.

Regardless of whether you pick any of the pricing options on the table or not, organic search engine marketing is based on several factors that can fluctuate a campaign price such as the following:

  • Do you need SEO once, or is it going to be an on-going project? (This is why the pricing table is offered as an alternative for restoration business owners who chose the former option)
  • As a damage cleanup service, do you intend to market yourself within a municipality or metro? Do you want to expand your digital presence to the whole of your metropolitan area, state, or even country?
  • Are you looking to target a highly competitive location?
  • Is your niche highly competitive on Google?
  • What do you want to gain from this investment?
  • Are the SEO professionals you are working with awareness of how the water damage restoration niche works? Do they know the lingo? Does their keyword research reflect their expertise in the industry?

Once you Decide Each of These Questions Above, the Expected Price Range Includes the Following:

• One-time projects cost anywhere from $500-$3000
• Local restoration marketing can be around the $1500 range while in a competitive city & metro like Los Angeles can be as much as $6000
• Unlike ourselves, large search marketing corporations or celebrity SEO experts, such as our mentor Greg Morrison, charges $10000 at the minimum
• At Next Level Metro, we have gone as cheap as $50 to as much as $4000 for competitive SEO consulting in Chicago. It is up to your specific case.

    If You are Still Not Convinced to Go With Us, May I Make Weird Recommendation?

    If you are unsure of working with a small SEO agency like Next Level Metro, go with the best SEO professional on the planet, The Miami SEO Bitch. As a top marketer who has in-depth knowledge of restoration and water damage niches, she has worked to bring hundreds of companies like yourselves to the top of the search results.

    However, the catch is that her SEO services are pricy for your average water damage restoration provider. Fortunately, The Queen has taught many of our virtual assistants how to optimize sites for the right keywords (e.g., black mold) in your profession.

    Excellent SEO does not need to be complicated nor pricy. Why not go with us?

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