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Ascending the escalators inside the Gateway Arch, catching a Cardinals game at Busch, or taking a stroll around the geodesic dome of the Botanical Gardens? These are the exciting excursions that come to mind when you live or visit the Rome of the West.

As a gateway to Western & Eastern America, it is no wonder that companies of all sizes & backgrounds have made a success of The River City. Of course, commerce cannot exist in the 21st century without mentioning digital marketing, mainly via Google.

You probably knew that Google is the platform to advertise. Everyone is on their smartphone browsing every day. It is not just a generation thing. Instead, Google is a platform that is meant to stay.

What is SEO for You?

Imagine this for yourself (even if you aren’t a business owner):

Your business  is in ‘the black.’ You have phone calls coming every minute. Your business is swamped with opportunities. You have so much revenue coming in that you can afford to establish a second or third office location.

You have enough take-home money to set up annuities for the rest of your life. You can finally pay off that mortgage, those car payments, & your student loans.

49505 money making success as a result of a successful SEO campaign

That is the lifestyle you wish to sculpt. Good news, it is possible for your online assets to be money-making machines, thanks to Google & the popularity of online browsing. Many businesses and site owners have set up their websites to accrue wealth like clockwork, & it has changed their lives.

Is Google Really Making it Hard to be Successful in Marketing Organically for The Lou?

Downtown perks for Small Business SEO

Most likely, you are wondering, “With everyone promoting themselves on Google, it seems almost impossible for anyone to just appear on top of the search engines if you are brand new or too small of a business or entity, right?” To an extent, you are right.

However, you created a website as a means to an end rather than vice-versa. Of course, it is ideal to understand how to advertise on Google; nevertheless, you had other goals in mind when you created your digital platform.

• Hip restaurant owner, you wanted to have a website that brought your savory cuisines to life for those food critiques pondering on whether they should dine out at your establishment when they visit Greater Saint Louis.

• Salon owner, you wanted an online presence in order to prove those pesky doubters that you are The Stylist in The STL, to the extent that all the Instagram influencers get their hair done at your place.

• Architect, you want a platform that showcases all the projects you have completed throughout the decades. This site you have could be the asset that allows your firm to be selected to design the tallest building in town.

Who is Bryce Coffey & Why is He The Missouri SEO Guru?

As someone who was raised in Illinois & opened up this business while St. Louis frequently, I know what the Saint Louis consumer looks for in a website when on Google. Originally a professional SEO company in Chicago, Greater STL has been added to our service area.

Therefore, allow the experts who understand the ins & outs of digital marketing to position your online properties at the number one spot on the internet without you having to fret on how to achieve it.

First, out of all the digital marketing strategies that exist, the one to truly consider is search engine optimization (SEO). Why?

Remember how Google is the platform that everyone is using? Well, search engine optimization is a technique in where we optimize your website so that you get a chunk of those millions of users browsing the web on Google.

On Google, you notice that three types of listings show up in each search result. One is a map displaying a site with a name, address, & phone number. The next is an organically positioned URL where one can click it & be sent to a website. The last one is a paid ad. SEO concerns the first two.

Why SEO Works Well in the 63103 Area?

Search engine optimization grants you the opportunity to engage with 94% of all of Google’s web traffic, which equates to 4.7 billion people, according to Google.

Of course, this number is inflated as you want to rank/optimize for a specific niche and location. Still, even if you hyper-target your search, you have the opportunity of reaching out to hundreds of people with a single search query.

Don’t Think I Didn’t Include You, Local Business Owner, as Next Level Metro has Special Search Stats to Present


From SEO Tribunal’s research, a little under half of all Google searches are done locally. Contrary to popular belief, Search Engine Land found that local businesses benefit from mobile searches as the term “near me” is typed by 82% of people on search engines. A search result feature mentioned earlier is the map listing.

Otherwise known as the “local map pack,” Google’s algorithm functions in accommodating what is best for the user. Therefore, Google promotes businesses near the user’s location with the sole intent of increasing local awareness by presenting the map pack on 93% of all Google searches, according to Hubspot. 

More Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals Before We Get Started Together

SEO vs Paid Ads Will Be A No-Brainer After These Stats

Online marketing at its finest in the 63105 area

According to the SEO Tribunal, most people ignore paid ads. Forget those “Google Guaranteed” ads because the statistics have come in proving that they aren’t worth the money. Additionally, more than 50% of all visitors who arrive on a website have been shown by web analytics to come from organic searches.

In other words, the person who is on the site most likely did NOT click a paid ad redirecting to the website. Let us be clear that we are NOT saying that paid listings, for a business owner, should not be implemented at all. They can be complementary to a search engine optimization campaign.

However, what Next Level Metro is saying is that SEO has been proven to be more of a bang per buck than examples like pay-per-click.

The only advantage to it is that paid advertisement provides results faster than SEO. Search engine optimization is a sticker process (i.e., results grow exponentially but require more patience to reap the investment).

The Pertinent Question Coming to Your Head Now is “How Long Does SEO Take to See Results Then?”

As SEO professionals, we get this question all the time. Even though this is crucial, consider the result of ranking your website on page one of Google. As an agency that has seen sites go from a blank WordPress page to earning five figures a month, Next Level Metro can tell you that it is worth every penny.

However, you want to know how long it takes? The answer is, unfortunately, not straightforward. Therefore, it varies. If you’re going to tackle an easy keyword that people tend to not search as often in your niche, then you can see a quicker waiting time (e.g., six months).

Nevertheless, for the keywords that do matter (known as trophy keywords) where there is a high search volume and competition is low, then you can see eight months on average.

For those of you who need a crash-course on keywords, they are search terms you or a prospect would type that is used by digital marketers or SEO professionals such as ourselves in order to have your site receive the most organic clicks on search engines.

Why D.I.Y. When You Can Outsource for Success?

You are the best in your profession. You do not need your marketing to be the roadblock that prevents you from realizing yourself, your ideas, and your business as the best in class. Therefore, allow Next Level Metro to take those digital burdens off your hands.

We are trained specialists who will hold your hand in every step of the search engine optimization process. You have spent a ton of money on less optimal advertising tactics (both on and offline) that ended up wasting time and money.

Instead, work with the NLM experts who have analyzed high-valued websites such as Precision Mold Removal from a new website to a six-figure money-making machine. Hire Next Level Metro as we are the best SEO company around and will turn your site & business into your ultimate dream.

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With the internet becoming more of an integral part of everyone’s lives, it is no wonder that people throughout the globe are catching on to this permanent form of marketing, and companies are advertising online.

Showing up on top of Google has become the centerpiece for advertising for all topics & industries, especially since Google is the leading platform of presenting consumers with answers to their searches on demand. Why not collaborate with committed Midwestern SEO pros like ourselves who are on the cutting-edge when it comes to search engine research & development?

NLM will also contact you with a free report that tracks the website’s analytics. Then, we can get started on optimizing it above your competitors with this roadmap. You are about to dominate Greater St. Louis in your niche.

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