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Search engines exist in order to serve people searching/browsing the internet for solutions. Our SEO is all about implementing linking & digital fixes in order for search engines to be convinced that you are the preferred place of solution for a specific search term that your business resolves. To the state of your website’s current digital presence, we have provided the complimentary auditor below for you to utilize.

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How to Increase Organic Traffic With Our Unique SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Earn more clicks without forking over your wallet for an ad by having SEO performed on your digital platforms. We connect the dots in order for Google to have clarity in understand what you are all about and how you can provide more value to people browsing the internet.

Content Optimization

Search engines do not like it when sites just place words that only look good to a robot. They also vet websites in a way that eliminates sites that are disliked or confusing to a human audience. So think of this as the human touch of SEO.

On Page Optimization

Expressing oneself is crucial in every aspect of life. Leveraging the internet is no different as Google & other search engines read the text as a way of understanding what you are about. Therefore, it is crucial that we convey this clearly to the search engine bots that scan your site.

We will efficiently optimize your site by…

  1. Checking your current website presence for your niche
  2. We check to see that your site is clear in conveying to Google what you are about by performing on-page SEO
  3. Afterward, we double check & add the appropriate keywords (the sections of the website that Google pays attention to the most when scanning to understand what your site is about) to important places like your title & URL.
  4. Your website is also optimized by having relevant & high-authority websites linking to your site
  5. We make sure that those links that you receive have the appropriate keywords in their titles, anchor text, description, URL, etc.

Here are a Few Industry Standard Metrics we use to Track Your SEO Progress

Answers to Your Questions

SEO Tips and Tricks

Think of it as a popularity game for websites and online platforms. Google and other search engines sort by relevance terms like niche, service, product, industry, location, etc. At the same time, it takes into account that many sites will want to compete for certain keywords. To succeed on the search engine result pages (i.e. SERPs), a website has to prove themselves by not just being relevant but also being associated with higher authority sites via linking. In other words, if a cleaner’s website has 1 other website linking to it, it will be below the competitor that has 500 links go to it. However, quantity is not everything, especially nowadays. Therefore, the quality and the amount of investment put into a site and the sites linking to it also is a factor.

Prove Yourself to Google

It is safe to say that Google is the premier search engine that all businesses throughout the world should strive to achieve. After all, it is the most influential and most commerced interface on the planet & in history. Get started with teaming up with the best Chicago SEO marketers by clicking the first button & filling out our Discovery Form below.

How Do I Get Google to Favor My Site?

Consider this, Google’s algorithm is a sophisticated masterpiece of science. It took years for many engineers to write up the code that catalogs websites into the respective slots of their search results.

As scary as that sounds, it actually is a very “intuitive” algorithm. The reason I say this in quotes is that, once you research & test search engines like we do on a daily basis, you will find out that Google is structured in a way to where it benefits & presents the most organized results that a consumer or user is looking.

The issue is that you have a business to run. This process takes NLM Agency thousands of hours & dollars to invest in order to have a firm grasp of it because mistakes can be very negatively consequential to your businesses. Therefore, leave it to us. If you have inquiries, reach out to us through the second button.


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