Why a Search Engine Optimization Specialist is Better Than DIY?

You may be thinking, “Should I invest my marketing budget on this supposedly reliable service called SEO? How am I going to gauge whether someone is doing a good job if I don’t know what it entails from a step-by-step basis?”

It is no secret that these days, virtually everyone uses search engines like Google to find answers to trivial questions or to buy products/services.

According to Junto Blog States, 75% of all online customers will not explore beyond the first page of those search options.

If your website is not on the first page of Google, then your chances of attracting a new customer online are substantially reduced.

Outsource a professional SEO agency to stay on top of the search engines while you run your business.

Here are Four Compelling reasons to Hire a Top Tier SEO expert:

1) Earning online traffic without sparing a dime is the true win

Tired of having all that working of starting a business go to waste? Now, you no longer need to tear another chunk of hair after being in the red.

In fact, with a professional fully optimizing your site, you will have interested customers queuing up to your business, all thanks to online due diligence.

What is an Organic Listing

An organic listing is a website that appears on page one of a search as a result of it being compared to other sites when determining whether it is relevant to a keyword you are targeting. During this process, search engine bots crawl the site.

Once completed, they notify the search algorithm whether it should appear for a keyword search. Whereas, a paid listing would require the site owner to pay for the queries that they want their listing to advertise.

Complimentary to placing a business listing is receiving internet traffic to that listing & directing it towards your site.

Otherwise known as “organic traffic, people browsing on the Internet are likely to click on a website when it appears on top of a result in any niche or topic.

Search engines utilize the following questions to determine whether a site should appear on page one of a search browser:

  • Is the site laid out in a manner that compels a good number of people who land on it to stay & interact with videos, comment threads, etc. as opposed to bouncing off?
  • Does the writing provide detailed relevance to the specific search it is appearing for?
  • Are the website’s links from highly relevant and/or authoritative sites in its niche?

How Can You Convince Google That My Site is Important Enough to Send You Organic Traffic?

When one thinks of search engines, too many, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Therefore, we have narrowed to answer this question in order to understand that platform more thoroughly.

First and foremost, Google does not exactly send traffic towards a website. How it works is Google relies on extrapolating the number of backlinks each site receives. Afterwards, it gauges whether the websites linking to you are relevant & authority.

Only after that will it determine the quality of each link. As stated in the last paragraph, it uses the web property’s copywrite as a measure of relevancy & value it provides to its associated keyword.

Last but least, the website must have a natural lay from a written & visual standpoint. No keyword stuffing because it makes the writing unnatural & difficult to follow.

2) Grow A Brand on the World’s Also Most Visited Commercial Interface

Before you spend your money on a site, you tend to check others beforehand.

We have all been there. While on your computer or phone, you may type up to five search variations before you conclude.

If your site’s brand is succeeding in appearing on top of Google, you are more likely to convert leads to buying to your service or product.

Are you wondering how it is done? Well, as top SEO consultants in America’s most competitive market, Next Level Metro can tell & deliver you a flawless keyword research plan that can manifest itself to integrating highly relevant & fluid links when building out an optimized website.

3) Make Your Online Assets Work More For You

Increase your ROI by spending ONLY what gets you the best bang per buck.

With all the options you have available for digital marketing, it can seem overwhelming on what path to select when advertising.

You can never go wrong with SEO, especially since it is the tactic that is most effective in getting your company in front of eyeballs.

Organic search marketing is great for making you stand out online from the crowd.

With more site visibility, you are on a lucrative path towards economic success as there will always be clients ready to do business.

Don’t Just be an Impression, Dominate Your Market

Having leads click multiple links is a recipe for disaster for your business’s funnel. Consumers want solutions fast.

Moreover, facilitating the means to which they arrive to your website is your best bet towards gaining more visitors.

There is no better place or method of achieving that than appearing organically on the first page of Google for high search volume keywords in your niche.

Not surprisingly, your competition is catching on to this idea by leveraging off the expertise of SEO specialists.

To a much greater extent than your typical SEO ninja, Next Level Metro has all of the cutting-edge R&D, the SEO marketing software, & budget to carry over to the top of the search engines.

Rather than contemplate, seize the opportunity by positioning yourself towards augmenting your profit margins by contacting us today.

Do Not Necessarily Go with A Large SEO Firm, Never Underestimate an SEO Freelancer

Like myself, many SEO specialists do not work in a hundred plus employed agencies. I cannot speak for any other agency except NLM. The way we operate is we pool our resources towards working with virtual assistants (VA) throughout the globe.

You could say that we are “one men gangs.” The method of running our businesses does not make our SEO R&D any less high-quality. On the contrary, by having more direct control over the process, dedicated SEO gurus like myself can complete campaigns without friction as to who I pass it along.

The very few times I outsource to a VA, I end up having the service done much quicker than expected. I check the Vas work multiple times before I integrate it into a client’s site.

Therefore, the moral of the story is that SEO freelancers or solo SEO consultants are just as effective at completing their work correctly as a large digital marketing firm.